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A cohort of 10 students will spend 20 hours working together to prepare for the AP exams in May.

AP Calculus Test Preparation Cohort Program

 The AP Calculus Test Preparation Cohort program is composed of up to 10 outstanding students who are competitively chosen and who meet from February through May to prepare for the AP Calculus exam on May 2017.  This challenging, student-driven program expands on Calculus topics and how those topics are presented on the AP Calculus exam. 


The students who are chosen to participate in this program will develop a close working relationship by working as a team to deepen their knowledge of Calculus topics and test-taking strategies.  In an effort to increase the likelihood of success on the AP Calculus exam, students will learn how to attack both the multiple choice and the free response sections of the test.  In addition, students will learn how to use their graphing calculators to aid them in their success.


Topics Covered:

  • Analysis of Graphs
  • Limits of Function
  • Asymptotes and Unbounded Behavior
  • Continuity as a Property of Functions
  • Parametric and Polar Equations
  • Derivatives
  • Curve Sketching
  • Optimization and Related Rates
  • The Mean Value Theorem and Rolle’s Theorem
  • Newton’s Method and Euler’s Method
  • Types of Integrals, Interpretations and Properties of Definite Integrals, Theorems
  • Riemann Sums and the Trapezoid Rule
  • Applications and Antidifferentiation
  • Techniques of Integration
  • Sequence and Series
  • Taylor and Maclaurin Series
  • The Graphing Calculator (TI-83+, TI84+ or InSpire) and the AP Calculus Exam
  • AP Calculus Exam
    • Multiple Choice
    • Free Response


Students should not register if they cannot commit to a minimum of 8 of the 10 available sessions. Understandably, circumstances beyond one’s control may arise; however, the team-centered nature of this cohort necessitates consistent attendance.  The success of the group as a whole hinges on the participation of all members of the cohort.


The class will be taught by Kristy Shinn, Carlisle Area School District AP Calculus instructor, HACC Adjunct faculty and 2013 AP Calculus, College Board, certified instructor.  The cost of the course is $400.  Flexible payment options are available.  Email CentralPATestPrep@gmail.com for more information.


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