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What Can Central PA Test Prep Do For You?

“What services do you offer?” “How can you help my child?” These are two of the most commonly asked questions we receive when parents call or email us. Our service menu includes diagnostic tests, as well as private and group classes. Our diagnostic tests allow students to see which test is right for them and also areas where they may have a skill deficit, which they can work on on their own or sign up for our class or schedule private tutoring. During our classes (both private and group), students will review skills and strategies to tackle the SAT/ACT. Students will also take 2 practice tests and receive detailed reports about where extra study may be needed. Because of this preparation, many students feel that they walk into the test with confidence, which lowers anxiety and increases scores! Contact us to see what we can do for your son/daughter.

Preparing your child for the most important tests they’ll take!

Dana Smetana, Central PA Test Prep

Sign up for our August class now!

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Comprehensive Statistical Reports Are Now Included!

At Central PA Test Prep, we use data to drive instruction. We provide parents with complimentary statistical reports that demonstrate their child’s proficiency on practice exams.

The first page of the report gives the overall performance of the student’s exam, as well as comparing the current performance with any previous exams.


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Group Classes Now Available!

Would you like us to provide our services for your group, club, team, or organization?

Not only can we provide our outstanding services, but we can also schedule these services in a way that best suits your needs!

Check out our Group Classes page for more information!

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Prepare this year with us!

Is your child a Junior or a high achieving Sophomore? Speak to us about their test preparation plan for 2018. It is never too early to prepare!

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Diagnostic Exam

On January 13th, we will off a diagnostic exam to help determine a student’s readiness for the SAT and ACT. We have two levels of diagnostic exam – standard length and shortened length. The diagnostic exam is a blend of SAT and ACT questions. After the exam, you will receive a statistical analysis of your child’s performance. This analysis is used to determine which exam is a best fit for your child, as well as any areas in which they need remediation.

The standard length diagnostic is about 4 hours in length and the shortened diagnostic is 3.5 hours long. They cover the same topics but there are more questions in the standard version.

The standard length is $125 and the shortened length is $100.

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Another winner!

CONGRATULATIONS to Demra Ashmore of Carlisle! She is our latest winner of a free SAT course for 2018!

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New location!

We are pleased to announce that we will be holding classes at an additional location beginning in the Spring of 2018! In addition to Carlisle High School, we will be holding classes at Central Penn College. This will enable us to not only hold classes closer to our students in the Harrisburg Area, but also allow our students to take classes on a college campus.
We are very excited to announce this opportunity for our students!

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Congratulations to Jennifer McKenzie of Camp Hill!!! She won a free SAT course for any date in 2018!

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October 15th, come to the Girls World Expo in Harrisburg for your chance to win a free class in 2018!

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Registration is open for our October SAT Course!

Registration opened today for our course to prepare for the October SAT. The course meets September 17th, September 24th, and October 1st. All classes are from 12 – 4pm at the Carlisle High School – Swartz Building.

You can register here!

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